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"Jemei Scripture"

"Jemei Scripture"

Vision book
1, young, their dreams lying in the open space before the house, a spaceship flying near the nose, long hours and physically unable to move without force, but the spacecraft can be watched, feeling it would fall on, glare follow me, thanks me.
2, young, sweet sleep in the bed, a Demons (Satan) to their targets, is a black clothing was, is the fear that it entered my body on the bed, and got away, and I like watching all the air in the vicinity.
3, high school, their dreams overcoming the enemy Jesus -- the European Union, as in the cold platter of all the countries of Europe together to fight to finally go to the Lord.
4, 2001 Spring, links apostle Paul in the Southeast Asian waters by the city to Sao Paulo, Brazil, between himself, God let me as he. (Yemei election)
5, 2001 autumn, Yemei Vision, God said : "I am God, you need to listen to him. "He means Yemei.
6, 20020525, Yemei Vision Satan security analyser was God from my body.
7, 20020629, just go, to micro-Holy Ghost : "fast. "
8, 20020827, Yemei Vision head to the campus of his alma mater in, God said : "I am God, you need to listen to him", "This is my love son, my joy, you must listen to him", a cloud came, he refers Yemei.
9, 20041114, differences came up a high-profile, broad platform, open up a yard of the road, the road suddenly golden light shine, the road is level, but tells me is the yard, with a small girl in a witness. After another dream, a Zenit-wells kind of a mouth, with purple light as a radio Falls. After another dream, the lights full days, no one can open, Yemei opened.
10, 20050215, while in her old school office, out of the sky outside, a throne of heaven broad power, come throne before God at Yemei said : "This is my love son, my joy, you must listen to him", then to the street, people watching, said : "This is not sin (original) youth."
11, often with well, such as an environmental encountered today, says a word, will find this occurred in the past, the familiar, in fact, before there was no such environment. Repeatedly dreamed that flew more than, sometimes flying hours in the city over the road, sometimes in direct, non-and under the cliffs.
12, Deuteronomy 18:15 "Jehovah your God you have to be from among the younger brothers, to you from one place to know Hing, like me, you have to listen to him."
13, Jesus changed his mountaineering, Gospel According to Matthew 17:5 : "This is my love son, my joy, you need to listen to him. "

Apocalypse book
1, initially, in leadership in this Wing in the God, God, will never have, the only God. (figure 1)
2, the first day to day Creation, God created Heaven, Earth, light, water, air, sea, grasses, vegetables, trees, the sun, moon, birds, fish, animals, insects, wild animals and people. Material (2), tai chi and Liang Yi, Liang Yi Health Sixiang. 10 within two largest multiple is 10, plus 2=12 year in December, 12 constellations, 12 Lunar New Year, Israel 12 branches. (figure 2)
3, Creation day, God creates man by man, in his nostril in his life, he became a spirit of living. Soul (3), one-sang, life two, three and two, finding things. 10% of the maximum multiplier is 9 3, plus 3=12. (figure 3)
4, the seventh day of Creation to A.D 1, mankind abandoned God, crime, laws of the period. (figure 4)
5, A.D 1 (Jesus was born) to 1914, the Angels tied up network security analyser, Jesus for Wang, the Gospel spread to the world, grace period. (figure 5)
6, ad 1914-2019, the network security analyser released, confused world, troubled mankind, a war, World War II and the Cold War, terror war. Satan number is 666 (the "Bible" revelations), (figure 6)
7, the year 2019, Satan analyser was always throwing in the sulphur fire Lakes Village, the God of the trial, the new heavens and a new earth.
8, Book of Daniel 12:11-13 : "Then from the burn regular Xian Ji, and the establishment of the heinous destruction of the objects, there must be Hchijiaoksozhi. When Hchizoaozojuigozhi, for that person will receive. And to wait for the outcome you, because you will go to bed. By end, you will be enjoy your fortune. "
9, a total of 2625 two dates, according to the "top 1 year," Law, (God is one likes to 1 maximum of one year. Customs 4:6 : 1 maximum of one year; China 14:34 : maximum 1 year. ), the equivalent period in 2625.
10, "get rid of the burn often Xian Ji, and the establishment of the heinous destruction of the objects," God is in the polity end to the ground without any visible representatives of God by the country, rests gentile rule that neither subjugate a nation.
11, 607 BC, early in October, neither country has no sovereignty. Then gave the legislature the governor of Judea base Tai Lei were assassinated, leaving the silver to all who fled to Egypt. (Jerusalem 40-43) reliable information indicates that the Bible\'s study this matter occurred in 537 BC (the year of returning Jewish released), 70 years before 607 BC, the early October. (Jerusalem 29:10, 9:2)
12, 607 BC, 607 BC to early October, December 31, =1/4 BC 606, January 1 to December 31, 1 BC, =606 Year 1, January 1 to December 31, 2018 Year Year =2018 Year on January 1, 2019 to 2019 10 years in the early =3/4 Total : 2625
13, so in 2019, is the outcome of the world (end) come to Jesus then, the end of gentile domination and the establishment of God\'s kingdom.
14, the "Bible" revelations clear instructions in network security analyser day trial was always throwing in the fire Lakes Village after arrival and with the figure 7, seven churches, seven spirits, seven, seven victories, Jesus poke seven Road sealing, seven angels blowing, seven bowls. People soul (3) is the only human finally 7. Satan numbers are 666, 777 candidates for persons. (figure 7)
Annex :
1, [Nuozhadanmasi "Zhu century," vol 72 articles contained in the story is that the originator of poetry : 1999 year, 7 of the month. Terror king came, Causing Angelumoer (phonetic) king for Easter, During this period, Nancy (phonetic) of the ruling party in the name of happiness.
However, in another article (vol 48 articles), he wrote wonderful not understandable RJ "Mei poetry collection" :
Moon rule in the past 20 years, If 7000 will be another object of the formation, Sun will stop daily functioning, I also predicted that the end of the story. "originator in the" Zhu century, "once wrote the foreword : We are now in the 7000 age (No. 7 Millennium Discipline). "
1999+20=2019 ]
Second, the doomsday predictions of the source --- 2019 rammed earth asteroids Http://www.sina.com.cn September 23, 2003 09:56 China Aerospace reported
U.S. New Mexico astronomers July 5 2002NT7 observed by a number of asteroids. They calculated that, about ESS 2~4 km diameter asteroid could hit Earth in 2019.

Love Book
1, in the "new about the Bible", several different words have been translated into Greek, "love" (love), one of the "Agape" is a means to give to others the center, does not require credit and return love. God is using this love to love all mankind, Christians have been encouraged to use this love and mutual love Venus.
2, Jesus said : "You should love each other like I love you, this is my order-friends risk one\'s life, people do not love than this big. "(Gospel According to John 15:12-13)
3, love chapter "1 Corinthians" Chapter 13, known as the "love chapter" : "I can say that 10,000 people dialects, and the angel words, no love, I have become Ming the gongs, cymbals ring for the general. "The last section says :" This is a regular letter is a love, these three kinds, the largest of which is love. "
4, love thy neighbor as thyself a Pharisee asked Jesus in the laws of Moses, what a life is the greatest warning, Jesus replied : "You have to heart to make sexual and do is, the main love your God. This is the first commandment, and is the largest. Second is comparable, to love others as self. and the two laws of the Prophet is the master of all truth. "(Gospel According to Matthew 22:37-40)
5, love your enemies as "paradise 8 Fuk," said, and Jesus taught that the human "intelligence" on the contrary, is to demonstrate the wisdom of God with wisdom often run counter (Gospel According to Matthew 5:44).
6, turn the other cheek Po training in the mountains, Jesus taught his disciples not to resist with violence, he said, "I only tell you not to oppose the villain was hit your cheek, the side of his face was even transferred from his hit" (Gospel According to Matthew 5:39)
7, second mile,go the era of the Roman guards can force people to carry their luggage. Po training in the mountains (Gospel According to Matthew 5:41), Jesus taught disciples, if soldiers forced him, then take him away II. These words used to express a person is willing to do, than others asked him to do more.
8, heap coals of fire on his shoulders in the "Romans" (12:20), Paul applied the "Monitor" 25 scriptures teach us not revenge. He said : "If your enemies hunger, he ate away; If thirsty, raised his drink; Because you do OK, the charcoal fire is piled in his head. "In other words, your enemies will be ashamed of his.
9, God created the world to show ability, a love object, the object of his love, the object of his love for his praise of the building, honor him.
10, God is love, as Jesus summed up laws of Venus and love others as self, Paul said that the letter regular deposit, hopefully, love, the greatest of which is love.
11, but now, we are urgently short of that love. In fact, and you are most similar to others, God love letters (at least not with anyone oppose).

Ashes book
1, God created Adam\'s body with dust, blown in his nostril will be angry, he becomes a spirit of living. Adam, after all, but a man (material) body, not as God (Ling body), there Shuling life limitations, and to give genuine happiness of mankind, not only to meet the physical attributes, the more we grow to meet it. Human growth Shuling forces must overcome is the material strength.
2, God has created a son who will not allow him to unprovoked separate good and evil, people, for God snake as Chong, Chong persons to be doing (eating forbidden fruit), creators of course know that as people know that he created the computer can do anything, everything is God\'s plan because he is Almighty.
3, the Universal is derived from the dust of the body, imperfect body (from dust, and animals), it is the limitations of crimes is not the eye, that person can not achieve the goal of God, "God said that people are both between household, my spirits would always live in his inside. "
4, the distinction between the human animal is God to the Ling (gas). Human : Sports is a soul spirit; Animal : a soul without a body spirits; Plant : body without soul no Ling.
5, in Eden Park if people are unable to distinguish between the direct fruit and fruit life, people do not read their suffering severe, the growth pattern can not, can not overcome the physical limitations of dust will be opinionated, recognize people from all God, not the glory to God, the ultimate purpose of God through Creation, could not enter the perfect, can not find real happiness.
6, then a snake (network security analyser, God tool created by God for God control) induced Adam Eve against God\'s orders are eating good and evil fruits, through one of the world into that of death passed by, then on to die for all, to let the people know that God left him how the Lost.
7, now in separate good and evil fruit (wisdom fruit), the role of human material obtained great achievements, but still focus on the poor human material from the soil, Shuling life without knowing, spirituality increasingly influences.
8, "If you need to go to physical death alive, dead body in the Holy Ghost who built things, the necessary alive. Where is the guide because Shendiling is God\'s son. "(Luo 8:13)
9, "of the household\'s physical, spiritual revival is the body. . . The first one is for, commits territories. . . We are dependent territories of shape, there must be a day of the future shape. . . Flesh and blood of the body, God can not bear the country. . . This is the total decay to become unfortunately bad. . . death was a real engulfed so on come true. . . death is poisoning hook crimes. "(Lin ago 15:44)
10, Jehovah\'s name is the meaning of success, and is tense, and now history is to test them all, one with the power to overcome a physical Shuling strength, the final one in Zhuling body.
11, in honor of\'re saying,\'re referring to the continuous development of the Christian spiritual life, believers living in the Holy Ghost inside to the crime and that they change their character. To the people of God, God the reconstruction and traffic, everyone has the honor to God, the ultimate glory of God in all, thus, a country filled with love God, God Creation plan.
Spirit book
1, believe God, Daoshenmianqian to have to be letter theistic. God God : the creation of the universe and the rulers, one for, God, will never have.
2, my efforts to practice Agape. Not with anyone oppose. Jesus : "You should love each other like I love you, this is my order. "
3, read, in the Bible, God has his own, the future of the world in the Bible Lane. Jesus : "They constantly absorb knowledge, understand your single God, and Jesus Christ to the poor understanding you can never die. "
4, spreading the gospel that Jesus on the good news. This is a great mission Jesus is the Holy Ghost. Jesus : "The Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven will be open to propaganda, spread throughout the world are living in, a witness to all States communities to, the end will come. "
5, prayer, and God is said to be very formal, such as the company mantra recitation from the prayer book can be irregular, as in traffic lights at the moment think of God. Prayer can be silent, and can also be a sound one, it may be private, and can also be open. The main purpose is to maintain and pray God traffic.
6, thinking God, as God, the origin of the universe, the purpose of life, death, the future.
7, the selection test. Will be training, trials and tribulations of the necessities of life is Shuling, the most beautiful stones to produce pondering over the longest for the Holy Ghost in different ways for you, and wait till the completion of formalities step Finally, God will place you in the appropriate position.
8, the miracle, Jesus biographical very important element : virginity pregnant women, Easter and ascending to heaven. "Bible" was replete with magic, a sea of humanity dividends, but also fire came from the sky and sea routes in the blast. Of course, in a sense, any interaction between God and people are lacking. We would like to give the magic of the Holy Ghost.
9, leadership. On instructions from the members of his Holy Ghost we should let everyone letter God, praise God, the glory of God and rebuild human Garden of Eden.
10, the world we live in is scheduled, since the material universe to be so alarming manner constitutes good, I really can not believe that this is not merely a rational fact Ersi. "
Eternal Life book
1, sooner or later almost everyone will ask, what purpose in life, who we are? Why do we live? Why do we die? Continued existence after death there? Our future? Philosophy and religion are resulting.
2, the purpose of life is only because of hard work to improve their living environment, maintaining the livelihood of their families, then perhaps it will live 1980s died, so it never existed?
3, the oldest book of humanity Bible said : "Our master, our God, you ought to honor, the distinguished, power, because you created all living things, and all because of your letter and some were created. "(revelations 4:11) for us, there is a great importance of the concept of the existence of God designers, because he must have reasons and purposes we create, Jehovah is the "success" mean.
4, a fan, Jinhualunzhe now also missing : Although death seems natural, inevitable, but people are unwilling to accept this reality. Bible did in fact have opened, bringing the truth to light.
5, the Bible shows that not one person died because of the imperfect (from dust physical), God is pre-arranged, on the one created for times. "God\'s heart in the eternal consciousness, so that God has as people are never explored." Since the God-human capital, the people of the world to live in the shadow of death, to the suffering, loss of affection here. And the animals have never worried about future mortality, because it does not know.
6, the natural desire to meet beautiful, and the elimination of inner contradictions, the human fabrication of a variety of reasons, such as the reincarnation of the vote, no strange not have. Scientists trying to remove old myth, because they also wanted to death reversed, or at least the life expectancy.
7, Jinhualunzhe not really theistic letter, saying that the desire to witness the process of evolution generated illusion, because the desire to share their views conflicting. But they think people are higher animals. On the other hand, has pointed out that the Bible is the death of human enemies, which we want to live with the natural desire coordinated.
8, then we have no physical clues that human can live forever? Indeed, a single human being becomes brain functions, we exclaimed angry, the brain has fully proved that we could live a more permanent, like modern life should not be so short. Brain-1.4 kg, containing 10 to 100 billion nerve billion, "Each nerve Yuan is a Taiwan advanced computer."
9, everyone\'s minds are the source of astounding power, the organs and sophisticated and efficient. The more we understand the brain, the more that brain potential is unlimited. Evolutionary process why something original live in a cave man, or modern people, "creating" an endless potential for future generations forever by the organ? Clearly, the only reasonable interpretation is that people should live forever.
10, our three lives : First, material, physical, shelter; Second, awareness, thinking, social activities; Third, soul, and soul, religion.
11, the only solution to our biggest pain (self-death) can be happiest. If death without renewal deposit, we live would be meaningless, their life is terminated by death as a disciple called do things.
12, the skeleton of injury, tissues, organs, can self-heal, the body metabolism, generation after generation. In our lifetime, the body of an unknown number of biochemical structure updated. When we have a physical Shuling, replacing a man\'s body, the magic of self-renewal process will continue to be, "No to death", which is something.
13, we have been creating, living in the world of purposes : letter God, praise God, the glory of God, and God keep traffic was eternal soul happy, always to God for the music, always with the same in God.
14, "God in the human ones, and he lived with them, they will do his people. God will personally with them. God will remove all the tears in their eyes, not death, is no longer a sad loss, call sign, suffering. Former things have passed. "
15, the date in the near future, "I saw another angel fly in a air, never to be passed on to the Gospel on the ground who is the national of the parties, he loudly said, should fear God, glory to him, because he put the trial time has come, it should be combined to create vista of the sea and the water source. "
Word book
1, everyone was allowed to speak only their own thinking, we can find the best.
2, we have electricity, with the Internet, but no longer produced Jesus, Mohanmu may, Sakyamuni, Confucius, I.
3, on women : my other half.
4, on the money : money is a good thing.
5, on friendship : good fate.
6, on the death of : destination.
7, on the world : no.
8, on life : white.
9, on the dream : two lives.
10, on life : only for a living.
11, on life : never fallen.
12, on the others : How do others said.
13, on life : love of freedom and equality.
14, chief? 1589 should not be, and shall not oppose anyone, because other people are in this world and you most similar closest owner.
15, Lin Jia Baoyu not really love him, love the Bellagio big novel truly love.
16, everyone in the vision of a good lover, how can their own good, you can do others good lover? How he alright? So there is no love in the air sigh, no good male (female).
17, 18-year-old girl always has, and you change in one day old.
18, Nietzsche\'s vision of a superman, he said it would defy all human superman, and this is a "great contempt, love contempt for the most persons in contempt favorite. "Yemei now this feeling.
19, State President and sanitation workers should get the same wage, but different division of work, and to voluntary.
20, "some people left in this world, some people got too much," We can not! ! !
21, as long as there are people in this world of starvation, all people are selfish alive.
22, the nation\'s foreign reserves Gaibang offer :)
23, simple life can be met, only to meet the soul pursuit.
24, the body is not crime, the crime of illness is people\'s minds.
25, online feelings tone of a person speaking, the people will understand the time, the resulting misunderstandings.
26, no one can say that the network of any other person anything.
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